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Tour Consultant

Trip consultant for small groups of travelers!

Leave your itinerary to Tripi Consultants and make it easy and enjoyable!

Tripi TAPP (Tour Agency Partner Program)​

Reliable consultant

Once a consultant registers a profile with the Tripi, the Trippy selects and approves the consultant. Get the Tripi's TAPP system with proven consultants.

Safe journey

Customers can choose the consultants they want and receive secure travel services from any location

Fair income

Realize Tripi's blockchain technology to fairly communicate the legitimate income of service delivery to the guide.

TRIPI TAPP Background

Tripi recognizes the poor environment of small and medium-sized travel agencies and single-person businesses due to the high share of large travel agencies and rising labor costs.

So, Tripi aims to provide a new paradigm for equal growth of the industry along with co-prosperity with small and medium-sized travel agencies and single-person companies.

The number of existing package travelers decreases and more and more individual travelers.

As the travel trends change, small groups of travelers risk a lot of time and information, such as booking individual flights and hotels, and designing schedules.

Tripi, therefore, wants to understand the customer's needs as the new travel ecosystem changes and to provide more accurate and higher service space for the customer.

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