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Travel Guides

Directly choose your guide which is essential in travel! It will be a more fulfilling trip!


Tripi TGP (Tour Guide Partner)​

Reliable guides

When a guide registers a profile with Tripi, Tripi will select and approve the guide. Please take full advantage of Tripi’s TGP system having verified guides as much as possible.

Safe journey

Customers can choose the guide they want and receive safe travel services from anywhere.

Fair income

We realize Tripi’s own blockchain technology to fairly deliver a fair income to guides who provided their service.

Tripi respects the importance of a guide who is the most important partner in the customer response service of the travel industry, maximizes its ability to promote the positive industry activation instead of allowing abuses due to unfair transactions in the existing travel industry, and contributes to the development and growth foundation of the travel industry.

Tripi has created the TGP service so that guides can directly register their own profiles and build their careers without losing their jobs by customers’ selection.

TRIPI TGP Background

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Travel Writers

Let's take a look at Tripi's travel stories, including touching travel stories, exciting travel stories and more!

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Tripi TCP (Tour Content Partner)​

Experienced writers

Free Travel Content

Coin according to star

When a writer registers a profile with Tripi to write, Tripi verifies the writer. Read real travelers' experiences of experienced writers.

Each writer can freely write down their own travel stories. Make a variety of travel records.

If you like the travel records written by the writer, please click on the star to express it. The stars are accumulated and delivered to the writer as coins.

TRIPI TCP Background

In keeping with the current trend that influencers around the world write travel articles in various media such as broadcasting, newspapers, magazines, Internet or publishes travel books based on their experience, Tripi intends to create a space where amateur travel writers can also share their experience with ease as well as a space where domestic or overseas professional travel writers can freely participate.

Tripi will develop TWP and domestic and overseas travel culture, develop diverse travel contents to invigorate domestic tourism, and play a leading role in finding new travel destinations.

Moreover, we strive to protect and promote writers' rights and copyrights through Tripi's smart authentication system, and to discover and nurture talented and innovative travel writers.

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Travel Consultant

Tripi travel consultants for small group travelers! Leave your itinerary to Tripi consultants and only leave comfortable and enjoyable memories!


Tripi TAPP (Tour Agency Partner Program)​

Trusted Consultant

When a consultant registers a profile with Tripi, Tripi will select and approve the consultant. Take full advantage of Tripi’s TAPP system having verified consultants as much as possible.

Secure travel

Customers can choose their preferred consultant and receive safe travel services from any location.

Fair income

We realizes Tripi's own blockchain technology to fairly deliver a proper income to the consultant for providing their service.

TRIPI TAPP Background

Tripi recognizes the harsh business environment of small and medium-sized travel agencies and small-sized single person businesses due to the high market share of large travel agencies and rising labor costs.

Therefore, Tripi aims to provide a new paradigm for the uniform and mutual growth of the industry along with the win-win relationship with small and medium-sized travel agencies and small-sized single person businesses.

As the number of existing package tourists has decreased and travel trends have gradually shifted to individual travelers, small group tourists are facing the risk of spending much time and getting accurate information due to booking an airline and a hotel separately, planning a schedule, etc.

Accordingly, Tripi seeks to understand the needs of customers in response to changes in the new travel ecosystem and to provide more precise and high-quality service space for customers.

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