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Your life! Your Tripi!

Travel along with Tripi!

We hope that digital currencies are easily used during traveling.

With Tripi Coin, you can use and access your wallet on any device, and it's easy to do transactions in a fully distributed way.

Mobile & Smart Card Payment System
Service Provider
Travel writers
For travelers

We provide travelers with the most convenient payment APP. In addition, all customer informatio n is stored and managed in big da ta.

Tripi provides transparent and decentralized economic services in the travel industry through the blockchain technology. In additio n, three services unique to Tripi a re provided. We have introduced a fair income distribution system f or our customers as well as our h osts and service providers (TGP, TAPP, and TCP service), and have a payment system for transparen t transactions between our custo mers and our partner companies.

This system freely creates travel contents produced by travel write rs and travelers, Invigorates cont ents and supports writers.

We supply excellent travel goods for travel customers, provides con venient and accurate booking and payment services through the blo ckchain technology, and offer rew ard services for travel products.


Tripi Coin Platform

Tripi Coin intends to become a new travel industry ecosystem provider where customers (consumers) and travel industry workers directly meet by the realization of the distributed economy of the travel industry through the application of the blockchain technology of the fourth industry to remedy the unfair system of the existing travel industry.

The proper product supply of existing travel services and the proper payment system for customers regarding the provided services are processed transparently.


Meet our solutions for you

The Tripi Coin is a coin based on the MERCI blockchain technology. It is a key asset of the new Tripi marketplace.


Tripi participation platform

Tripi will provide TGP, TVP, TCP, and TAPP services, and provide where various partners can freely register their profiles and contents on the platform.


Tripi Marketing

Tripi will works with a wide range of partners to support a wide range of marketing. Tripi will support SEO setup for both domestic and overseas sites.


Multilingual support

Tripi will support global CS service to attract foreign customers.

Coin Distribution


Wallet Download

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