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Let's take a look at Tripi's travel stories, including touching travel stories, exciting travel stories and more!

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Tripi TCP (Tour Content Partner)​

Experienced Writer

When a writer registers a profile with Tripi to write, Tripi verifies the author. Read the real travelogue of experienced authors.

Free Travel Content

Each writer is free to write a travel story.

Write your own travel contents!

Coin according to score

If you empathize with the travel contents written by the author, click the horoscope to express it. The constellation accumulates and is presented to the author as a coin.

TRIPI TCP Background

Based on the experiences of Influencers around the world, Tripi is in line with the current trend of contributing travel articles or writing travel books to various media such as broadcasting, newspapers, magazines and the Internet.We want to create a space where professional travel writers can freely work, as well as a place where amateur travel writers can share their experiences.


Tripi aims to play a leading role in developing TWP and domestic and foreign travel culture, developing diverse tourism content to boost domestic tourism and find new destinations.

In addition, we will protect and promote the rights and copyrights of writers through Tripi man's smart certification system, and discover and nurture talented and fresh travel writers.

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